Day 1: Here We Go!!

Hey Girl you know you’re beautiful. Now where’s that pretty smile that you’ve been hiding for far too long?


So yeah, I smile a lot!!


Good friends, great gelato..!

Last week, me and my friends visited two islands in a row: Bali and Lombok!! It was an amazing 4 days and I feel like sharing the story to whoever you are who read this post!

So let me recalling all memories and write it down here so I can read over and over again and remember it for the rest of my life! : )


October 31 2013, me and my friends, Tharun and Diona, finally off to Bali. We arrived at Denpasar around 09.00 WITA. Cindy and her soul sister, Cynthia, picked us at the airport. I was sooooo happy and thinking like Gosh! this is us, Agen Neptunus -that’s how we called ourselves just like on the movie: Perahu Kertas- , finally will spend our holiday in Bali -and Gili Trawangan- Yeaaay!!

I was so excited because hey, we are gonna visit lots of beaches, places that we love the most!


Kami, di pintu keberangkatan

Our first stop was Nasi Ayam Ibu Oki at Nusa Dua. I remember I once visited this place when I was in Bali for Miss World 2013 event. This place just like when the last time I came. Anyway, five of us ordered Nasi Ayam (Chicken Rice). Cindy and Thia ordered the not-spicy Nasi Ayam, but Tharun, Diona and I ordered the spicy Nasi Ayam. I love the sambal!! It was really spicy and all the dishes were delicioso!! Yummo!! Sure i will come here again if i have a chance to come to Bali another time.



Right after we had our lunch, we went to Pantai Pandawa (Pandawa Beach). With white sand, calm waves, clear blue water, this beach is so relaxing and beautiful. While Cindy, Cynthia, and Diona swam, I decided not to jump into the water but enjoying the place and the wind and the sound of the waves and the color of the panorama and the everything around me from the easy-breezy bench. Well actually, Uun also decided not to swam, and just sit with me. Of course we were not just sit, we did photograph. Since Tharun has such photogenic face, I asked him to strike some poses over and over again. And yes, he really know how to pose!! :p


He is the man, Tharun..

[Diona: Uun bagus kalau difoto!] [Gue: Dia fotogenik]

[Tharun: *senyum-senyum*]

[Gue: Tapi terkadang fotogenik itu seperti kutukan, menjebak]

[Tharun: Iya sih -_- ]

He loves being photographed. As you can see here:


[Diona: Uun, bagi birnya dong..]

[Tharun: Boleh, tapi potoin gue dulu..]


The girls: Cynthia, Cindy, & Diona.


Me and the girls




Quality Time!

We’re spent our time at Pantai Pandawa for about three hours. Though I didn’t go swimming and just stay still at the bench, I really enjoy my me time. You know, nothing can beat my staring-at-nothing moment in a beautiful beach with great music of Payung Teduh, my favorite indie band. My kind of ultra happiness!

Around 4 o’clock, we were move to picked Kevin up. Kevin is Cynthia’s very-polite-boyfriend. Yes, just like our trip before, he is a part of our team. So from Pantai Pandawa, six of us were headed to Waterblow. Waterblow is a beach in Nusa Dua, near the Westin Resort. In fact, to reach the place, you should go through the resort’s entrance gate. Cindy said, if we’re lucky enough, we can see and feel the sea water splashing when the water hit the rocks hardly. Hemm, but too bad the sea was receded. So we were just enjoying the panorama for a few minutes. The color of the water was so great, deep blue marine!!


Deep Blue Marine

From Waterblow we stopped by at Gelato Bar & Caffe recommended by Cindy and Cynthia. Each of us ordered different kind of flavors. Look at the color of the gelato below, pretty sweet and cute right? The taste, well, mine was mango and coconut, I like the coconut but not that into the mango, too sour. I like the dragon fruit -the purple one-, and the yoghurt -the white one that owned by the girl with watch on her right hand, it was cindy’s-. Anyway, just a little information, Gusto Gelato Bar & Caffe owned by an Italiano.

After ice cream time, we were right away headed to our hotel, Grandmas Hotel in Seminyak. After a quite long time discussion about in which hotel we want to stay, we eventually choose Grandmas Hotel because it’s near to the beach and La Plancha, a must-visited bar on our list that night.

Before we spend our night in La Plancha, we had our dinner at Warung Italia, a pizza bar that has a super giant pizza on their menu. No, really, it was seriously big. Anyway, it was my second time here, different time, same fellas. And that night we ordered 2 pizza, one with seafood topping and one with beef topping *forgot the name*. The taste of the foods was as great as always. And hey!  Tharun ate a lot. We were always feel amazed if he eats a lot, because in daily life, he doesn’t eat that much hoho. So yeah, when he ate all foods on his plate, means the foods are delicious.


Good friends, great gelato..!


Hello from the team..!

Crush at the first sight. That’s what I feel about this lovely place, La Plancha. I remember, I saw this place at the first time from a well-known Indonesia fashion photographer’s Instagram, Nicoline Patricia Malina. Yes, I’m one of her followers. From her post, I knew about this amazing bar. In fact, La Plancha is my my kind of favorite place. With colorful umbrellas and lamps, this place really gave me such happiness feeling. Comfy yet dramatic at the same time. I feel like in a fairytale. In somewhere so far away from reality.


La Plancha








So that was our 1st day. Tomorrow i will post my another happy moments with Agen Neptunus.


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