DAY 2: Hello Gili Trawangan! (Part 1)

Put your troubles down, it’s time to celebrate. Let love shine and we will find a way to come together and make things better. We need a holiday..


It’s early in the morning, and I’m gonna start to blast my story.


Banyu Biru


We were late! Yes, we were late for the fast boat to Gili Trawangan!

Our perfect plan was go to Gili Trawangan by fast boat at 09.00 WITA. Diona, Tharun, and I was ready at 07.30 WITA, but things just didn’t go as our plan. When Cindy, her sister and Kevin went to Nusa Dua to sent the rent car back, the taxi was 1 hour late to pick them up. They should’ve came to hotel at 07.30 WITA, but the taxi has just arrived in Nusa Dua at 07.30 WITA. So yeah, we’re nervous to die!

 Cindy asked us to go first to Padangbai Harbor in case they didn’t come to the hotel at 08.00 WITA, but we disagree. Sure we should go together no matter what. What is a trip if we separated from our friends, right? We should stick together. To manage time to be more effective, we agreed to share some tasks, Cindy, Cynthia, and Kevin come as fast as they can, I packed up Cindy and Cynthia’s stuffs in their hotel room, Diona told the fast boat crew that already arrived and waiting for us since 7 o’clock to be more patient, and Tharun accomplish the payment hotel things.

 It was such relieved that Cindy, Cynthia and Kevin came right in time at 08.00 WITA. No more talk, we jumped into the car and here we come Padangbai Harbor! Such an adrenaline rush!



The adrenaline rush was not over yet. Not to me.

 The real adrenaline rush was when my boss called from Jakarta to make sure my job is on set. She asked me to make sure that the venue for her event on Saturday is ready and well set up.  I take my leave and she approved it, so I thought she would take care of it, but no. Imagine, I was so sleepy but tried so hard to keep my consciousness to think super fast. With my phone and tablet in my hands I should contact my boss and my partner in Jakarta as fast as I can before I lost the signal (we could lost the signal everywhere and anytime when you’re far away from big city), while we were in Bali running out of time catching the fast boat. Ha! Even when the driver drove so fast to make sure we touch the harbor on time and everybody screaming excitedly, I was just focus on my screen. I be like, “I don’t care, scream all you want. I gotta finish this thing before we touch the sea!”

 And guess what??

I made it!

Xoxo, Anak Digital. Anytime. Everywhere.

I successfully managed the loading stuffs for tomorrow’s event. Yeay!! Now I can S.I.P – Swim In Peace. LOL! After a while, I’ve just realized that the way the driver drive was real insane. Seriously, we could’ve die but he saves our trip. But still, matursuksme, Bli..

FINALLY, touch down Padangbai Harbor!

By the fast boat named Marina Srikandi, we’re so excited for Gili Trawangan.


Pelabuhan Padangbai


Di dalam boat


Marina Srikandi


Soul Sister


Banyu Biru


Two hours, everybody fell asleep and finally we were there! Gili Trawangan!! I can feel my heart beat when I saw the clear water, I can’t stop my ear to ear smile. I can’t believe I finally here!


Jernihnya air di Gili Trawangan

The Flashback:

23 Oktober 2013, 03:51 PM.

Satu minggu sebelum keberangkatan, saat itenary Bali sudah rapi dibuat..

[Tharun] Kalo hari pertama kita nyebrang ke Lombok gimana??

[Gue] Udah gila! Tapi Gue mau banget!! Haha

[Cindy] Ide gilaa. Haha gue hayuk aja. Itu ide gue tadi, lagi mikir dari semalam, kenapa kita ke Bali lagi? Nggak ke Lombok?

[Tharun] Bakalan seru nih!

[Cindy] Sumpah ini gilaaa!!!

[Gue] Ya ya, kita emang udah gila semua.. Fix ya?!


Arrived in Gili Trawangan at 12.00 WITA, we go to our guess house, Woodstock Gili. It was quite far from the beach and the main road of Gili Trawangan. We should take a walk for about 15 minutes to get there. But it’s worth it, the place was awesome. From 1-10 I would give 8. Why? Because Woodstock Gili has a very specific concept, which is very interesting to me, the staffs was so friendly and helpful, large and clean bathroom (yeah, clean bathroom does matter!), the foods all good. Over all Woodstock Gili was great a choice.


Tempat kami menginap.


Konsep guess house ini adalah musisi.




Kamarku dan Cynthia.


Mungkin 10 tahun mendatang harus kembali, kali itu dengan keluarga besar Neptunus :p


Sentuhan etnik di sisi dinding.



Ok, enough admiring our Guess house.

After unpacked our bags, we searched for information about what to do and where to go to the Woodstock’s staffs. They said, we only have three choices of transportation in Gili Trawangan, by Cidomo, bicycle, or walk. Cidomo, a local transportation that using a horse to pull over the ‘kereta’, was quite pricy, Rp50.000 per ride. Though it will be fun, but take a walk will takes time, jauh kakak!! Unless you have so much time or stay along the main street, i don’t recommend it. And so, we chose bicycle. Only Rp40.000 we can use it all day long. Quite affordable!

 Aaaaaah, my bad that I didn’t capture our moment with bicycle!

 Before we start our adventure in Gili Trawangan, we had lunch in a small warung near the guess house. The home made foods was sooooo delicious!! The sambal was sooo spicy, I love it!! Telur balado, ayam pedas, terong, perkedel, tempe orek, we eat like never eat before!


Instead of captured it, I drew it.. Ha!

 [Diona] Ini enak.. *makan serius*

[Cynthia] ………*makan*

[Cindy] ……….*makan*

[Tharun] Hemm, sambelnya enak banget.. *makan*

[Kevin] ……….*makan kalem*

[Gue] He em, enak enak.. *makan* *diam-diam nyesel porsi nasinya cuma setengah*

To be continued..



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